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Fullscript is an easy way to access the highest-quality supplements to meet your wellness goals. By clicking below, you’ll enter my hand-picked supplement store. Just go to Catalog, then Katie’s Favorites. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and experimenting with these in order for them to make it on my list. 

For those of you looking for more energy to make healthy lifestyle changes, I have an Energy Protocol (if approved by healthcare provider) that you can access here. After 3 months, I have clients switch from the MitoCore to 1 cap daily of the O.N.E. Multi.

For my protocol to boost your immune system during flu season, go here. For allergy season, go here.

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I choose supplements that get a therapeutic dose at the lowest cost, and all of my clients get a discount off the suggested retail price. 

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Get tracking on all purchases. Support is available by chat, phone, and email, evenings and weekends.

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Set up how often you’d like to automatically receive your supplements so you can take 1 more thing off your to-do list!

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Free shipping on orders over $50, and priority shipping (average 2 days) only $4.95. 

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