Whether you’re interested in an online program, working together one-on-one virtually, or meeting in-person at the office, read below to see what it’s like to work together.

What You Can Expect

We integrate your health history, blood work, health scores based on the intake questionnaire, and current habits to get to the bottom of what’s causing your health struggles.

Our purpose is to educate, guide, and inspire. We will give you options, and you decide. Everything is customized, because it’s all about what’s best for YOU!

Our recommendations are derived from scientific research for the best & most reliable results. We also use questionnaires & labs so you can see measurable improvement.

Progress is learning to be a better you. There’s no shame in the struggle, we troubleshoot and learn from it. We discuss mental & emotional obstacles in an encouraging way.


We use functional medicine to evaluate your condition and treat the imbalances we find. Functional medicine combines the best of conventional medicine in that it’s evidence and science-based, as well as holistic medicine in considering how everything in our lives and bodies is connected. We aim to address the root causes of your health issues rather than treating symptoms. This unleashes your body’s healing potential and metabolism, so you don’t have to use willpower to force your body to do what you want! 

How We Can Help You


If you’re a self-starter who is motivated to make changes, trying to save on the cost of working one-on-one, or want to get started while waiting for your Initial Consult, this is a great option!

From Survive to Thrive is 6 weeks of material, 19 lessons with interactive videos, and dozens of handouts to help you apply the information. To make it even more interactive, you can add-on a review of your food journal with one of our nutritionists, too!


A New Client Evaluation is 90min, during which we will review history, lifestyle, symptoms, labs, and supplements. We’ll use all of that to give you insight as to what’s going on with your body and what it needs to start thriving. Everything you’ve been through will make sense! Then you’ll receive a customized meal plan and treatment plan to address your root causes. This can be in-person or virtual, and is $225 for Katie or $185 for the other  providers.

Follow-up sessions are 50min and are done virtually (unless otherwise requested). If seeing Katie, she will have you follow-up with one of the providers she thinks is best-suited to implement the plan she creates (unless otherwise requested).

In sessions, we’ll celebrate what goes well and troubleshoot what’s a struggle. You’ll also receive several new action items to progress you along your journey to thriving. These sessions are $85-125 each.

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