Rachael Ticer

Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Functional Nutritionist

I struggled with fatigue and depression for years and was dismissed by some doctors and handed medications by others. Despite well-meaning doctors, I felt that the conventional medicine model was not serving me and took matters into my own hands.

I started implementing functional nutrition strategies, such as diet changes for blood sugar management and lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, better sleep hygiene, and exploring my spirituality. My health journey resulted in healing my relationship with food, managing PCOS and blood sugar imbalances, finding faith, and correcting negative self-talk.

In the process of my own health journey, I was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology with the intent of building a career in laboratory research. However, as I read endless nutrition books to fuel my personal interest, I couldn’t resist combining the two areas of my life. After finishing with a B.S. in Biology, I obtained a Master’s of Science (MS) degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States. 

To further my abilities, I completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice modules through the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

Using this valuable knowledge combined with my personal experience, I’m able to fulfill my purpose in life of helping others achieve optimal wellness.