My mission is to  I am passionate about my mission. My patients know that I will never give up on them. I will be your biggest advocate!

My degree is in both Nutrition and Functional Medicine. It’s a perfect combination. Functional medicine seeks to remove the main triggers causing dysfunction in the body and add what allows the cells to function optimally. And since food is medicine, it’s super helpful to be trained in using it! 




Rather than focus on a specific protocol for a specific condition, which is a disease-centered model, you take the lead in your care. Protocols are created taking into consideration everything unique about you. You are actively engaged in your own healing.

Health as Positive Vitality

Health is not merely the absence of disease. The goal of treatment is to restore function and reach your health potential. While this looks different for every patient, it is generally understood as the ability to pursue your interests and goals.

Biochemical Individuality

The combination of genetics, medical history, and variance in exposures and stress levels throughout your life changes your internal environment and must be considered when creating a treatment plan. These factors are monitored as well.

Web-like Interconnections

There is no supplement, diet, or one trigger to be removed that will be “the answer”. Everything in the body is connected, so all components need to be addressed to heal. Many different systems have gone offline by the time you notice a symptom.

Ready To Have Energy and Feel Good In Your Body?